The Queen's Almoner


Sometimes loyalty to the queen comes at a cost.


Thomas Broune is a Reformer and childhood friend of the young queen, Mary Stuart. When Mary embarks on a new life in her estranged homeland of Scotland, Thomas is there to greet her and offer his renewed friendship. But the long-time friends grow closer, and Thomas realizes his innocent friendship has grown into something more. Yet he is a man of the cloth. Mary is the queen of the Scots. Both of them have obligations of an overwhelming magnitude: he to his conscience and she to her throne.

When he must choose between loyalty to his queen or his quiet life away from her court, he finds that the choice comes at a high price. Driven by a sense of obligation to protect those he loves, and crippled by his inability to do so, Thomas must come to terms with the choices he has made and find a peace that will finally lay his failures to rest.

Love and sadness through the whole story takes your breath at times.

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A wonderful, emotional read.

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Tonya Ulynn Brown

Tonya is a writer who loves ancient, medieval and early modern British history. She has a particular interest in anything to do with Scotland, and you will find that influences a lot of what she writes about. She enjoys writing historical fiction, and also blogs about historical figures, places and customs, mainly focusing on 16th century Europe. She's not above throwing some American history in every now and then as well.