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The Stuart Monarch Series

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Each book can be read as a standalone, but for the best reading experience, it is recommended to read the Stuart Monarch books in the above order.
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The Queen's Almoner


Sometimes loyalty to the queen comes at a cost.


Thomas Broune is a Reformer and childhood friend of the young queen, Mary Stuart. When Mary embarks on a new life in her estranged homeland of Scotland, Thomas is there to greet her and offer his renewed friendship. But the long-time friends grow closer, and Thomas realizes his innocent friendship has grown into something more. Yet he is a man of the cloth. Mary is the queen of the Scots. Both of them have obligations of an overwhelming magnitude: he to his conscience and she to her throne.

When he must choose between loyalty to his queen or his quiet life away from her court, he finds that the choice comes at a high price. Driven by a sense of obligation to protect those he loves, and crippled by his inability to do so, Thomas must come to terms with the choices he has made and find a peace that will finally lay his failures to rest.

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The King's Inquisitor

Witches aren't the only ones to burn.


The queen of Scotland is dead and the almoner’s son, William, has fulfilled his father’s wish that he should serve the king, James VI, at court. But when William finds himself caught between loyalty to his long-time friend and sovereign, and following his own conscience, he finds the choice too difficult to make. As William is forced to serve as the king’s inquisitor in the North Berwick witch trials, he must make a decision. Will he do what the king asks, and earn the wife, title and prestige he has always longed for, or will he let a bold Scottish lass with suspicion hanging over her head, influence him to follow his heart and do the right thing?

If William doesn’t make the right choice, he may be among the accused. 


The Prince's Darling

Lady Isobel Broune, daughter of the king’s inquisitor, has only two goals in life: to be the most fashionable young woman at the court of King James, and to marry Henry, the Prince of Wales. When an offer comes to help her capture the prince’s attention, Isobel doesn’t hesitate. But the offer comes with a price, and Isobel soon finds that the price is quite high. When Prince Henry’s annoying Scottish cousin, Robert Stewart, catches Isobel in a suspicious situation, not only does he pose a threat to her chances with the prince but also with the law. And when tragedy strikes too close to home, Isobel faces the consequences of her deeds and finds her whole world turned upside down.


Robert Stewart has a vendetta against the king of England. Though he is the king’s cousin, his father had his earldom stripped and was exiled from Scotland just months before Robert was born. He has come to London to seek an audience with the king and request his family’s titles be restored. But when King James refuses to cooperate, Robert decides to take matters into his own hands. Even if it means ruining his chances with the most beautiful—and condescending—woman in London, the Lady Isobel.


Suddenly Isobel’s life is threatened, and Robert can’t let her face her sins alone. When Isobel finds herself implicated in crimes, it seems the Scotsman is her only hope for redemption.

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