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Join The Prince's Darling
Street Team

What is a Digital Street Team?

A street team is simply a group of people who volunteer to promote someone’s work. The purpose is to create a buzz and excitement about the new book and reach a wider audience that the author alone cannot reach.


There is a small commitment required to be a part of Tonya's Digital Street Team, but the rewards are exciting!

As a Digital Street Team member, you are being asked to commit to sharing posts about The Prince's Darling at least once a week for the first two months (July & August, 2024) for a total of 9 posts.




*X (formerly known as Twitter)


Additional posts on other sites are appreciated but not required. 

You must share at least one promotional post a week for the two-month promotional period of July and August, 2024. 


This promotion will earn you:

* a signed book plate, 

* book-related stickers, 

* book-related bookmarks 

* book-related art 

For additional bookish goodies, you may opt to continue to share promotional posts for the months of September and October. If you post at least one promotional post once a week for September and October, (9 additional posts) you will add the following bookish goodies:


* book-themed candle or wax melts

* a chance to win a signed copy of The Prince's Darling

It's that simple! Fill out the form below to become a member of The Prince's Darling Digital Street Team. 

Join The Prince's Darling Digital Street Team
I agree to:
I understand that I have an opportunity to earn more prizes by continuing to post or repost once a week for the months of September and October, 2024 for a total of at least 9 additional posts. THIS IS ONLY REQUIRED FOR THE ADDITIONAL PRIZES.
Which social media platform will you be using?

Thanks for joing the team!

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